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Our Vision and Values are a response to the needs of the young people we work with on a weekly basis. We believe that our youth work needs to be shaped on supporting and encouraging the development and wellbeing of all aspects of the young person and that our projects and teaching should always be able should always be able to be translated into the circumstances of the individual, their everyday life and the outworking of faith from who they are into the world they live.

Our vision is to see every young person we work with given the opportunities and care to grow; IN SELF – through understanding who they are, IN LIFE – through understanding their role in the local and global community; and IN FAITH – through understanding that it is God who created them, it is Him who gives us purpose, and it is through Him we have true hope.

We train paid staff and volunteers to be alert for signs of child abuse and take seriously any comment a child makes.   We follow the Diocesan guidelines for reporting abuse and their safeguarding policies in recruiting and supervising paid staff and volunteers.

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