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Talks & notes now available from this event

Talks and notes from this event are available here

Guest Speaker Bio: Christy Wimber came from the Vineyard Movement. She was a part of it since it began from the Quaker Church in the late 70’s. She worked at Vineyard Ministries International for several years until Vineyard Music was formed. She then served as the Director for Worship Conferences and Training at Vineyard Music until resigning in 2001. She was involved in many of Vineyard Worship’s projects, including training and raising up of songwriters, worship leaders to serve at events. She then set up training for worship around the world including forming many equipping resources that have been duplicated around the world. Christy gave oversight to all of John Wimber’s ministry materials since his passing in 1997 where she has released several materials containing his teachings and writings during his thirty-year ministry. She also released a DVD with Carol Wimber on the history of the Vineyard Movement entitled, “Back to our Roots,” and the new release of “Vineyard Roots Explained’ which digs deeper into the heritage of the Vineyard Movement.

Christy has several projects she has released on the heritage and history of the Vineyard Movement. In 2018, Christy completed the “John Wimber Library” at Regent University in Virginia. This was a twelve-year project. The library contains thousands of documentation for the Vineyard Movement, including many original as well as copies of teachings and various Wimber memorabilia. This is now available for study and maintained
for the generations to come. In 2006 she released her first books containing the writings of John Wimber, entitled, “The Way in is the Way On” as well another titled,“Everyone Gets to Play.”. She also authored various book releases such as “Amazing Power of God,” “Catching God’s Heart,” as well as, “Understanding the Voice of God.” She has been a part of numerous equipping projects; one of her favourite book projects is a Bible/book with
Soul Survivor, UK. released back in 2012. She has contributed to numerous website and projects. She has also worked with CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) hosting the television show “700 Club Interactive” as well as the web-based show “Spiritual Gifts Webcast” alongside Gordon Robertson.She has several writings and projects she has done with CBN that are debuted on various programming and other projects available at

From 2006 Christy planted and led the Yorba Linda Vineyard Church for 11 years where she gave oversight to the YL Vineyard Resource Center [YLVRC] as well as Health Resource Center [HRC] that reaches out in many ways to their communities. One of Christy’s passions is to see the Church be involved with missions and not only reaching into local community, but also supporting and encouraging those around the world. She encourages the Church to get outside the walls of the Church.

She released, “Transformed,” in March 2017 which was voted one of the top 5 books in the UK. She has much passion to see the Church become equipped in the area of mental health and has created a new prayer model to help the Church minister to those affected by mental illness in various forms. Christy held the first events in London which dealt with healing,including mental health where she alongside Katharine Welby-Roberts adressed what is happening in our culture concerning mental health, and how the Church must be equipped in order to serve effectively. Along with Katharine they released her latest book, Wholeness: Taking a new Look at Healing. It was released in April of 2019 and is very well received.

In 2018, Christy has filmed a new TV show called, “Conversations” in London, England on TBNUK. She will also has a new show released at the same time called, “Conversations Live” where she interacts with viewers, answering questions and hoping to bring healing to new areas, especially to those outside the Church. She completed filming the second series to be released in June 2019. For many years Christy has travelled around the world teaching on the Kingdom of God at various conferences, festivals, retreats and seminars. One of her great loves is to spend the majority of her time encouraging and equipping the Church worldwide. She is a lover of the local Church and desires to spend her time building into, as well
as encouraging local Church, especially in the area of Church planting. One of her favourite things to do is encourage local Church pastors, especially in places which often get overlooked. Christy ministers in the importance of power ministry to the Church, which she believes has to take place before it can minister powerfully through the Church. Equipping leaders in the area of soul care, ministry to the leader, as well as moving in power ministry are some of her important focuses as well as caring for those with mental health have become very important these last few years.

Christy lives in Southern California and has two children, Camie Rose, 27 years, who was married in 2015 to Caleb Johnson and John Richard II, 19 years.