St Andrew's and St Bartholomew's

GTS: Lent Course

thumbnail of Lent Course FoundationsA 6-week discussion course at St Andrew’s, Churchdown. Starting 26th Feb (Ash Wednesday) – ends 1st April. Wednesday evenings from 7-8.30.

Lent isn’t in the Bible, so where does it come from, and what is it for? The early Church had no Bibles and no creed – the NT hadn’t even been written – yet Christianity spread like wildfire. How did new converts learn about the Faith they were coming to believe in? Teaching new believers, the basic ‘foundations of the faith’ became an urgent priority. This was often done in the weeks leading up to Easter when new believers were baptised. Lent means ‘Springtime’. But what were the foundations of the faith then, and what are they for us today? If you were explaining the core beliefs of Christianity, what would you include, and how would you go about it?

• What exactly is the ‘Gospel’ – the good news?
• Who is Jesus really? God, man, both? Saviour, King?
• What does it mean to be in Christ? What must I do to be saved?

Be prepared to think, share, discuss and gain confidence in the foundations of your faith.
Sign up in St Andrew’s foyer or contact Dan Button: 07580-571274 /