St Andrew's and St Bartholomew's

Cross & Kingdom Course – Starts Jan 15th, 2020

A 6-week discussion course at St Andrew’s, Churchdown
Starting 15th Jan – ends 19th Feb. Wednesday evenings from 7-8.30.

What does the Cross have to do with the Kingdom?
Jesus was born into this world to bring salvation. This led him to the cross. Christians view the cross as God’s ultimate act of redemption, defeating sin and death to give us forgiveness and eternal life. Yet during Jesus’ own life, he preached one main message – the Kingdom of God. He was hailed as the king, but instead of rising up to claim his throne, he gave himself up to die, promising to come again. We look back on the cross and look forward to the kingdom. How do we relate these two great truths which seem so opposite, and live in the light of both?

• What actually happened on the cross?
• What did Jesus really mean by ‘thy kingdom come’?
• Is there a way to explain this simply and clearly to others?

Come and find out! Explore, discuss, discover and explain…
Sign up in St Andrew’s foyer or contact Dan Button: 07580-571274 /