St Andrew's and St Bartholomew's

Video Outreach

22nd November 2020

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We will be live streaming the service in St Andrew’s, which will start at 10:30. Don’t worry if you miss it, it will still be available to watch back later. If you have any problems watching the stream, please try refreshing the page.

We love to hear your comments, but it can be distracting. If you’d like to get involved in the conversation then please use the Facebook link above and comment on there. If you’d prefer to avoid comments then please watch below or via the YouTube link.

If you have any feedback on our live streams, please email:

Previous Services

Daily Thoughts

Throughout March to August 2020 we produced daily thought videos. We hope to be able to restart these in Advent so watch this space! You can find all the videos below, use the button in the top right to browse all the videos.