St Andrew's and St Bartholomew's

Be With Me

Isy Neave (I.A.X.N) has released a new song! More details on the inspiration and some links to hear it can be found below:

This song to me encapsulates the essence of being a disciple. To simply Be with Jesus. To rest with Jesus. To trust in Jesus.

When I look at some of the heroes in the Bible, I see people who are acutely aware that without God in their lives they would have nothing. Moses says ‘If your presence wont come with us, then don’t send us from here. For what will distinguish us from every other human on this earth.’ David sung from his heart better is just 24 hours in your courts, than ANYWHERE (Even New Zealand) else.

Even when we look at the start and the end of our world I see a God who just wants me to be with him.

I am choosing to stop resisting, being distracted or being cynical and just simply trust and be with him.

I am pray that the spirit would compel you to do the same.

Be the Light !

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