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Dear All,

*No Zooms this week…logistics have beaten me!! We will start next week of 14th and you will get an email this week telling you which group your child is now in as it’s a new school year along with day, time anhd leaders and your link and password for your group.

Family events this Saturday a kind of hands on Bible exploration for around 30 mins in the Church hall. Limited to 10 families per session either 2pm or 3:30pm. You just need to tell me which one you are coming to at the moment there are more spaces available at 2pm but there are a couple of spaces still at 3:30pm. 12th September aimed at families with younger children.
19th September aimed at families with older children/youth.

Johnny wants everyone to know that the Sunday services do not have groups or creche for children BUT if your children can sit for about an hour in the service then they can come and do that 🙂

Parent / Carer/ Grandparent and Small people Drop In running every Tuesday and Friday in September to allow people to chat / pray and see people in 3D. Tuesdays: Inside Coffee Collective 1:30-3pm Friday’s Outside (weather allowing) Brookfield Coffee Shop at Community Centre 9:15-10:45am.
I will be in contact again very soon!

Laine Lewis
Children’s Pastor
St Andrew’s Church


Facebook Page:
Lots of things happening via this medium. A weekly memory verse challenge, Live broadcasts of stories, thoughts for the week etc… Practical challenges based on Bible Stories etc check in regularly to find fun things to do with the kids when they are off school but that also talk and teach about God. I am on facebook in my work capacity as Laine StAndrews which is a separate account from my personal one (Laine Lewis) do add work me as a friend if you haven’t already to see lots of helpful content about Childrenswork and more.

Whatsapp contact: I am here to chat to anyone…kids especially (but adults totally included) if they need to hear another voice / see another face or if there is a parent who urgently needs to use the loo!! I am happy to look at pictures they drawn over whatsapp, talk about games they have played whatever they want to talk about and also to pray with them or for them to talk about any worries they may have. My work number is 07458303079 and they can call me anytime between 11 and 4pm Monday to Friday and if for any reason I can’t answer when they call then I will send them a message to rearrange a time immediately. Adult timings can be much more flexible!!

Email: I will be sending out regular email content to families with encouragement, ideas and useful information. I would also like people to email me prayer requests about just about anything so I can pray for you and your family at this time. You can use our contact form below to get in touch.

Post: Snail mail is a beautiful thing and who knows what I might find for individuals and families to help brighten their day! Keep your eyes open!

To find out more about Children and Families, please contact us.