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Mentoring plays such a crucial role in the development of all people and this is especially true of young people. The world is a very complex place and young people have to navigate through it whilst trying to understand-who they are, what they believe, what it means to be a citizen, to belong, to be part of a community and so much moreMentoring in its simplest form is walking alongside someone, journeying with them as they continue to work out all of the above.

Our aim at St Andrews is to provide the young people with the opportunity to develop a healthy relationship with a mentorThis mentor will be someone who is part of their church community but separate from their immediate family and friends whose primary purpose is to be a support and encourager in their development into adulthood and in their faith.

The mentoring program will be for young people who are aged 11+.

If you would like more information or would like to be mentored, talk to any of the STA:YOUTH team.

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