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We are excited to announce that church member Isy Neave has written and produced a song! Here is a message from him about it:

Hi wonderful, and somewhat distant family. So, over the last 3 years Jesus has taken me on a pretty entertaining journey. Part of this journey has been all things music. It’s been an absolute privilege over the last couple of years being able to lead this church in worship. Now a new exciting part of this journey is just about to begin. I started writing songs about 3 years ago and I have increasingly become more excited to share them with you. As of today my first ever song was released. This is a song which not only would I love to sing with you when we meet together again, but I hope and pray that it will fill your homes!
Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me, It really does mean a lot.
By the way I.A.X.N stands for my name Isaac Arthur Xavier Neave.
You can find the song video below: