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EMBRACE: Women’s Day 2019

Women’s Day – 9th November, 2019

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Post Event Message – Susie Perkin: How do we tread lightly through life but also leave deep footprints of love?

Our desire is to learn how to live well, love deeply and with our eyes fixed on Jesus. Our prayer for Embrace Day was to enable us to spend time with Jesus, get to know him better and be filled by the Spirit to hear what Our Father God has planned for us.We hope that the day provided a safe place to spend time with each other, laughing, crying and worshipping Jesus.

With love, Susie and the team from St. A’s x


Guest Speaker Bio: Christy Wimber came from the Vineyard Movement. She was a part of it since it began from the Quaker Church in the late 70’s. She worked at Vineyard Ministries International for several years until Vineyard Music was formed.She then served as the Director for Worship Conferences and Training at Vineyard Music until resigning in 2001. Read more of Christy’s bio


Christian Mindfulness – Suzette Jones
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Session 1: Christy Wimber

Session 2: Christy Wimber

Session 3: Suzette Jones – Mindfulness

Session 4: Christy Wimber