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Connect Groups

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What is a Connect Group?

A group of people who meet regularly, some weekly, some fortnightly, in various locations (often in the home of the leader) for Bible study, fellowship, prayer support and may sometimes include social occasions.

Connect groups are safe places and vital for our spiritual growth, something we can’t easily do on our own or in a church setting.

Why should I join one?

A Connect group is a place where:

  • We can talk about difficult issues in our lives
  • We can know love and give love
  • We can seek guidance in our lives
  • We can be effectively cared for
  • We can explore and ask difficult questions about faith, prayer and personal growth

Is there one that’s right for me?

We have over 20 Connect groups that meet on different days of the week, at different times. Most of the groups are mixed, both in age and gender, but we also have a group for women, a group for men, a mums and toddler group, a walking group, a running group – so yes, there is one just right for you.

What do I do next?

Speak to Dave Keeper, our Connect group administrator at church, or by email to:

Or fill in one of the forms on the Connect board in the concourse and put it in our pigeon hole – we will get back to you to talk about what group we think will be just right for you.