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The death of a loved one is always a difficult time. The Church offers help and support in arranging funerals and in on-going bereavement support in the months that follow. Ministry before and at the time of death – In some cases you may know that a loved one is approaching the time of death. If you would like a member of the clergy team to visit and pray, then please contact them directly or through the Church Office.

Funeral arrangements – Once you have made contact with a Funeral Director, they will contact the Church Office to confirm the funeral arrangements. A member of the clergy team will then be in touch with you to arrange a visit to prepare for the funeral.

Burial – Anyone who is resident in the Parish at the time of death is entitled to a funeral in Church (either St. Andrew’s or St. Bartholomew’s) and to be buried in the Churchyard at St. Bartholomew’s. The clergy are also happy to conduct funeral services at the Crematorium in Gloucester or Cheltenham.

Bereavement Support – Members of the Church’s Bereavement Team are available to visit those who have recently lost a loved one, to listen to them, and offer support. This is entirely optional, but the offer of a listening ear and practical support is there for those who would appreciate it. You will be given information about this at the time of the funeral visit by the person who conducts the funeral of your loved one. For further information about the work of the Bereavement Team, or if you would like Bereavement support please Contact Us.

Annual Service of Remembrance – Each year, around the beginning of November, we hold a service of thanksgiving and remembrance for those who have died. Invitations are sent out to those who have lost a loved one in the previous year, but all are welcome to attend to remember those whom they love but see no longer.