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St Andrew’s

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St Andrew’s is a thriving, creative and worshipping family church for the community of Churchdown and beyond.

It was founded in 1904 as the daughter church of St Bartholomew’s and we provide today a wide range of engaging services, events and activities for all ages.  There are many opportunities each week to develop and deepen a faith in a living God, and to receive practical and prayerful support for all those who need it.

Our Sunday and midweek services offer a choice of styles for everyone.  Visitors receive a very warm welcome whether it is their first visit, they attend occasionally, or if church is a regular feature of their life.

Normal Service Times: On a Sunday, our 9am service is more traditional, with an organ, robed choir and weekly Holy Communion.  By contrast, our 10.30am service focusses on families and has many groups and activities for children and teenagers. The worship is led by a contemporary band and more time is given to preaching the Word and ministry after the service. The 6pm Fuel service is our creative space, where we worship, hear testimonies, share from scripture, pray for each other, and see what happens.

We also have Morning Prayers each Monday through to Friday inclusive and Midweek Communion on (10am on Thursdays).

Summer & Holiday Times: During the summer and other holiday periods, our regular service times may vary. So, we recommend that you check our calendar for any changes to the normal times.